Visiting rules

  1. Visiters should report they arrival to Dropie Infocenter, observe the valid anti-pandemic measures, get familiar with the visiting rules and observe their provisions.
  2. Serious and unexpected events as fire, injuries, losses, findings, etc. should be reported at Infocentre immediately. In the case of a serious threat, call the Integrated Rescue System line 112. In case of a fire that you cannot prevent, the visitors should gather in the evacuation area - gate no. 2 (parking area next to the bearfoot trail), to ensure their safety.
  3. In addition to the reserved areas, it is strictly FORBIDDEN to smoke and use open fire in the whole area.
  4. Please keep the area clean and tidy. Garbage must be sorted into appropriate containers. Glass belongs to green containers, plastics to yellow, paper to blue and biodegradable waste to composters. The compostable dishes can be thrown to compost. Used tissues and face masks belong to municipal waste.
  5. At Dropie we do not use disposable plastic products (plastic bottles, plates and other plastic containers). Please, accept our resolution.
  6. Dropie area is primarily suitable for pedestrian movement or cycling. Driving a motor vehicle is limited. The parking lot is marked at the gate no. 2.
  7. When children are using playgrounds and other attractions within Dropie, it is important to observe the principles of safety. Children´s safety is the responsibility of the person who were authorized during the stay at Dropie. Wooden carved sculptures of animals do not serve as play elements - do not allow children to climb on them, play or sit or damage  them. There is a risk of injury.
  8. An observation tower is intended for visitors to observe the surrounding landscape. Take extra care of your safety when using it. Children under the age of 15 are only allowed to visit the tower with adult supervisor. A maximum of 7 people can stay on the tower at one time.
  9. Pets are allowed in Dropie only on a lead and under the supervision of an adult, in case of reporting this visit to the Dropie staff. Guide and assistance dogs are case of exception.
  10. Do not feed the animals however, treat them with respect. You can offer suitable treats like dry bread, carrot, apple etc. to animals (with the previous approval of the staff).
  11. Aggressive practises or behavior, resulting from alcohol consumption or use of narcotics, threatening other visitors, is not accepted in Dropie, and will be sanctioned by exclusion from the area. 
  12. Dropie is not liable for personal injury and damage caused by non-compliance with the visiting rules.
  13. Dropie reserves the right to photo documentation of activities and programs organized and implemented by Dropie employees. The photo documentation will not be used for commercial purposes. If you do not agree with the further use of photo documentation, please let us know.

PGR 01/2022 Visiting rules of Dropie effective from 14 February 2022.

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