Workshops for municipalities

How can settlements and municipalities be best prepared for the consequences of climate change? This series of workshops offers methodological guidance for learning about the risks arising from a changing climate. Only by the correct identification of climatic threats of the each region or settlements, can be responsibly designed adaptation measures and subsequently implemented in a targeted manner for the benefit of the settlements and their residents.

Who do we recommend the workshop series to? The primary target group for which these guidelines can be useful are local governments (both local and regional). Above all, workers responsible for the climate change adaptation process at the local and regional level, especially from the departments of environment, planning and strategic management. The workshops are also intended for the professional public, which is already dealing with this issues, or topics and already has previous experience with adaptation to the consequences of climate change with knowledge about it. At the same time, we believe that the workshops can appeal to everyone who is interested in this topic or wants to learn more about the issue.

What will participants get? Municipalities can use the materials and recommendations when developing their own adaptation strategy/adaptation plan. The information obtained can also serve as a framework for municipalities that want to commission an external service provider to develop such a strategy.

Instruction: Befor downloading the workshop, please fill out the form.


Supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants.

Co-financed from the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

Modul: 1

Introduction to the issue

published: 20.3.2024

Modul: 2

Preparatory phase – creating conditions for adaptation

published: 19.3.2024

Modul: 3

Vulnerability and risk assessment

published: 19.3.2024

Modul: 4

Assessment, design and choice of adaptation measures

published: 20.3.2024

Modul: 5

Presentation of realized measures

published: 20.3.2024

Modul: 6

Appendices and educational materials for download

published: 19.3.2024

The individual modules of the Living Lab Workshops for municipalities are available by "Download" button. After filling out the form with basic data (name, surname, organization, e-mail address), you can download the each workshop module. The presentation will automatically open and the audio recording will start. If the presentation opens but the audio does not play automatically, press the SPACE on keyboard. As it is neccesary, you can start the audio recording manually with the cursor in the right corner. If you have a technical problem viewing the presentations, please write to

Programs you may need for the workshop: Acrobat Reader, Power Point and WinRAR for unpacking files.

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