Small wastewater treatment plant - Small scale adaptation measure for a water

Construction work on a small wastewater treatment plant has been taking place in the EEC Dropie since the second half of June. The small wastewater treatment plant is the first adaptation element for WATER created in the Dropie center thanks to the Living Lab Dropie project.

Wastewater treatment plant utilizes the abilities of bacteria to effectively  trest and naturally decompose contaminated water from the sanitation container, from the administrative building, and from the waterworks. The sanitation container will soon serve as a restroom facility for visitors in the Čalovec Lúky area of the center. The bacteria used in the small wastewater treatment plant are isolated in a tank. The entire system is a living ecosystem that is sensitive to temperature, pH, and nutrient availability. The staff of the EEC Dropie has undergone training regarding the use of sanitary and cleaning products. It was necessary to change the substances and cleaning products that have been used so far to prevent harm or destruction to this ecosystem.

Adaptation is the ability we need right now as the climate changes, causing conditions for life to change as well. During adaptation, we learn how to live in altered conditions. Symbiosis with bacteria will be our experiment in adaptation.

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