Workshop: Creating rain garden as a climate adaptation measure

The construction of a rain garden in SEV Dropie took place on 30th of September till 1st of October as a practical workshop for youth belongs to outputs measures of the project Climate change and environment education centre (Living Lab) in Dropie.

First, students listened to lectures to gain a theoretical knowladge about the rain gardens, their importance in the relation of climate change. Nowadays rain gardens are one of the best adaptation elements to climate change. In this theoretical part, the lecture Štefan Szabó (SOSNA O.Z.), clarified the process of positive feedback, which mainly contributes to the gradation of climate change.

The next lecture Tatiana Mancová (Ekozárhady), as an garden planner talks about how to properly plan a rain garden and how it was made in the case of the SEV Dropie rain garden. Thanks to Silvia Szabóová (SOSNA O.Z.), the students mastered the procedures for creating a rain garden, got to know the types of plants, but also the most common mistakes during its implementation. Together we start the construction work, digging, planting and shoveling gravel, and by the end of the day we had a rain garden almost done. Everything went according to plan and we finished the work by the next day till lunchtime. 

We received feedback from the students that they liked manual work the most, so the real creation of a rain garden. We reconfirmed two important things, namely that the most effective form of learning is to experience, the process of creation, and second, that the works goes better together.

We thank all our lecturers and assistants for their participation and help. Smart students were provided by: the Green Foundation; Nitrianska krajská rada mládeže and the Community Center Kompas from Nové Zámky. We are extremely happy that we managed to create a unique event together, which can serve as an example of good practice for adaptation measures for all of us.

An article about the event was published on the SAŽP website, where you can also find the official press release for download.

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